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Close Combat Pistol Course

This intensive 24-hour course is intended for the law enforcement officer/military member who carries a handgun on duty. The course is designed to greatly increase your ability to win a deadly encounter under even the worst conditions. Tactical Handgun is a three day course geared for the professional that would like to reinforce some existing skills and learn advanced handgun fighting skills. At Spartan Training Resources you can expect you training time to be maximized. We take pride in pride training that is well organized and has little down time. We treat our students with the utmost respect and strive to create a learning atmosphere. At STR you will train hard, learn the skills you need to prevail and have a great time. We do recommend that you come to train with a basic fitness level and shooting ability.  PREREQUISTE: This is an ADVANCED LEVEL course intended for military and law enforcement personnel. To attend, you MUST be law enforcement, military or have graduated from the STR Level II Handgun Course. If you do not meet the prerequisites above, contact us before registering. We will meet with you to assess your skill level and help select the best course for you.  Cost = $300.00 Ammo requirement = 600 rounds Topics Include:  Marksmanship Fundamentals Presentation From the Holster Combat Mindset Fighting When Wounded One Handed ShootingShooting on the move Malfunction DrillsTwo Man Tactics Combatives for Gunmen (KRAVA MAGA)Force-on-Force scenarios Equipment needed: Handgun and 3 magazines Holster & mag pouches** 600 rounds ammunition Eye & ear protection Ballistic vest Mouthpiece Athletic cup Warrior attitude ** We believe you should train like you fight. That means bring whatever gear you wear on duty. Be it a sam browne duty belt, chest rig, plate carrier, or whatever. Bring it, use it, figure out if it works the way you thought it would. A note from the STR instructors: The course begins at the Santa Luicia Sportsman's Association Range in Atascadero. On Friday and Saturday, students will learn various skills that will help them prevail in a deadly force encounter. The student will learn combat mindset, basic marksmanship, gun handling skills, malfunction clearing, wounded drills, CBQ tactics, team tactics, movement and footwork. On the third day students will train at "The Budo Ryu" gym in San Luis Obispo. Students will learn various CQB related skills such as striking, defending knife attacks and weapon retention. By the end of the day students will integrate combatives, shooting and tactics while conducting "force on force" drills and scenarios. We feel this course gives the student a tune up on some basic skills, introduces many new and important skills, then gives the student tactics and strategies that will bring them to the next level. The student will get to test the tactics and strategies against a live resisting adversary in the "force on force" crucible at the end of the course.
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From Our Clients

"Just attended the January class taught by STR. Great day 1 review of the basic fundamentals of shooting. Day 2, we built from there with wounded drills, team movement, and a great Combat Mindset lecture! Day 3....we hit the gym for an intro to Grav and applied what we had learned in force on force. Excellent venue and top notch instruction...right here on the Central Coast!"
– Douglas Scotto


Tactical Handgun Course

This intensive 24-hour course is intended for the law enforcement officer/military member who carries a handgun on duty.

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Basic Handgun Course

Now Available! This is an 8-hour course designed for the new shooter. In this course you will learn firearms safety, nomenclature and gun handling.

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